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Making It Rain

Did you know that you could make it rain inside with just a cotton ball, water and an eye dropper? You didn't well.... Just ask Mrs. Michele's fourth grade GT science students. They recently were exploring clouds as part of their unit on weather. The students investigated how much water could the cotton ball hold before it 'began to rain'. The predictions varied as well as the results. The students were amazed by the outcome. The investigation was a success. Who knows what we may delve into next......
These scarecrows are for the Clarendon County Soil and Water Conservation District Farm City Scarecrow Contest.
Mrs. Watts Class having fun at the Fall Festival
Mrs. Dukes' class showing off their pilgrim clothespins dolls.

Word of the Month


If you are a good citizen, you work really hard to be a good member of your community.  Good citizens care about our country and our neighbors.  They follow rules and laws.  They take care of the world around them and try really hard to do what is right.


23rd-27th- Thanksgiving Holidays

18th-Last school day before Christmas

      Early Dismissal  10:20 Cars/10:30 Buses

                               21st thru Jan. 1st



  4th -ALL RETURN TO School

13th- 85TH  School Day - END OF 2ND NINE WEEKS

14th-Grades 4&5 CLASS Spelling Bee

15th- IN-SERVICE DAY/Holiday for student

18th- M. L. KING HOLIDAY for students/staff

     19th-21st- PRE-REGISTRATION FOR 16-17    

(new students only)

 21st- REPORT CARDS and Conferences 3:00-5:00

        28th- SCHOOL Spelling Bee    (Gr. 4-5)        

a disposition of optimism and encouragement. A person with a positive attitude holds the belief that the outcome of all of life's situations will be ideal for everyone involved.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/facts_5387449_define-positive-attitud

Mission Statement 

The mission of Walker-Gamble Elementary is to develop and nurture responsible individuals who are prepared to excel in an ever changing  world.

Vision Statement

Walker-Gamble Elementary will provide a high caliber of educational services for all students through quality personnel, curriculum, and character development.


We Believe all students are individuals with unique needs and the ability to learn.
We Believe students deserve respect, acceptance, and encouragement.
We Believe students should be provided a safe and comfortable environment that enhances learning.
We Believe education is the responsibility of the home, the school, the students, and the community in order for students to demonstrate continuous improvement.
We Believe individuals are responsible for learning, for the choices they make, and their consequences.
We Believe moral and spiritual values are necessary for the complete development of the individual.

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