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Super Work at

Students from Walker Gamble Elementary were asked to enter into the Striped Bass Art Contest in Manning. Students in grades K-5 participated. We could send only 30 pieces to the art show. This was a very difficult task being that we have lots of very talented students here at Walker Gamble. I am proud to announce that we have several students that received ribbons for their outstanding work. Mrs. Sheila will recognize and present these students with their ribbons on the next morning show scheduled for May 6

Here are a list of the students and the ribbon they received.

Joss Robinson -5K- 2nd place ribbon and participant ribbon
Angel Gomez -5K- Participant ribbon

Kamryn Welch - 1st grade- Honorable Mention ribbon

Nate Jordan -2nd grade- 1st place ribbon
Sydney Timmons -2nd grade- 2nd place ribbon

Kendall Sexton -3rd grade- Honorable Mention ribbon

Angel Culick - 4th grade- 2nd place ribbon

Julianna Green -5th grade-  1st place ribbon
Kirsten Williams -5th grade- Grand prize ribbon winner and medal for grades 3-5

You all did a great job and represented Walker Gamble well. 

Your art teacher,

Charlotte Driggers

On April 21, 2016 the Super Stars were in force as the students of WGE performed the play Annie for both the school and the general public.  The students outperformed themselves with not only their acting skills but the dancing and singing.  Mrs. Bertie, Mrs. Robin, and Mrs. Deanne want to thank all the parents for taking that extra bit of effort to pick the students up from practice and work with them on the parts.  What is your super power?  Just ask all the actors in the play……their powers are obvious.


We would like to extend a tremendous thank you to Boeing for rewarding our school with a scholarship to Camp Leopold. Over 90 fifth graders had the opportunity to visit Camp Leopold and be involved with hands on activities related to our SC state standards. Thank you again Boeing and Camp Leopold for this great experience.

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Word of the Month

Good Sportsmanship:

conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport.


6th- Relay for life (Manning 6-12)
8th- Mother's Day
10th- Spring Pictures-(Must have money that day)
11th-12th-PASS Science and Social Studies (4th-5th grade)
13th- LAST day for AR Testing!
20th- All library books due
25th-ER and AR Awards (8:30 and 9:30)
26th- K5 Graduation (9:00)
27th-Field Day
30th- Memorial Day Holiday
31st- Last full day of school
Awards Program for Grades 1st-3rd at 8:30

1st- 1/2 day- Awards Program for 4th-5th at 8:30
2nd- 1/2 day- Last day for students

 Walker Gamble


a disposition of optimism and encouragement. A person with a positive attitude holds the belief that the outcome of all of life's situations will be ideal for everyone involved.

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Mission Statement 

The mission of Walker-Gamble Elementary is to develop and nurture responsible individuals who are prepared to excel in an ever changing  world.

Vision Statement

Walker-Gamble Elementary will provide a high caliber of educational services for all students through quality personnel, curriculum, and character development.


We Believe all students are individuals with unique needs and the ability to learn.
We Believe students deserve respect, acceptance, and encouragement.
We Believe students should be provided a safe and comfortable environment that enhances learning.
We Believe education is the responsibility of the home, the school, the students, and the community in order for students to demonstrate continuous improvement.
We Believe individuals are responsible for learning, for the choices they make, and their consequences.
We Believe moral and spiritual values are necessary for the complete development of the individual.
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