Walker-Gamble Elementary School

2358 Walker-Gamble Road

New Zion,  South Carolina  29111

August  28, 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians:

This letter is being written in accordance with federal rules and regulations that we must follow since we accept federal money, and we are listed as a Title I School.  We distributed a similar letter for the last three years.  Most of you are familiar with the fact that there are federal and state guidelines for all schools to work towards in specific academic areas.  A new system of measuring those guidelines is in place this year, and according to those guidelines, Walker-Gamble did well overall with a 82.8 % rate which placed us in the grade of a B.  Then, as we had with past measurements, each district and each school must also look at the specific performance of subgroups.     This year, our science scores were our weakest overall, and the subgroups that had the lowest scores beyond that were disabled students in all subjects, students who qualified for free/reduced in social studies, and African-American students in social studies.  (Complete school scores are available on the SC State Department of Education website also.)  Due to this gap between overall group performance and sub-group performance, we are on a Title I list of “Focus Schools,” and students are supposed to be “provided an opportunity to attend another school within the school district…” (known as school choice).  Also, information will be sent out again this year regarding supplemental services in an after school type setting.  Regulations mandate that we make this notification.  In regard to the choice portion, we are the only elementary school in this district, so “choice” is not really an option for anyone who wishes to remain in our district.    

Walker-Gamble is a good school as most of you know, since most of you have had your children here for a number of years.  Lists and reports do not change that, but they do pose a problem with several issues and we must work on those.  Our state department of education, and forty-five other states have recently signed on to a totally new curriculum which is based on Common Core standards.  There is a lot of information on Common Core on the internet, and we will be posting a link on our school website as well.  Our teachers are working diligently to prepare for the necessary changes to the new standards.   

While there’s always room for improvement – and no doubt, always will be  - I am proud of the effort and scores shown by our students and staff in the 2012 data.  Our best grade level results last year came from our 3rd  grade English/Language Arts scores, and we are especially proud of those students and teachers.  Our English/Language Arts scores were our strongest overall with 81.03% scoring Met or Exemplary, and as mentioned earlier, our Science were our lowest scores with an overall score of 60.73%.  As always, we will continue to teach, our students will continue to learn, and Walker-Gamble will continue to move forward in our best possible efforts to provide your child with a high quality educational program.  If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to call or write.    

Yours truly,

Sheila C. Floyd,  

School Principal

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