Homework Schedule

Mar. 20-24

  1. Complete any worksheets in folder.

   2. Write 3 sentences with these words  MONDAY: door   more   mother

        TUESDAY: old   try   use             WEDNESDAY: No Homework  

   3. Read “Little Rabbit’s Tale” pg. 144-162  in Journeys reading book

       daily. Students will be tested on comprehension and vocabulary from this

       story on Friday.

   4. Study vocabulary words: door   old    want    more   try   wash   mother   



    5. Study spelling words daily. Students will take a practice test on Thursday.

       The students who make 100 on Thursday  will not have to re-test on

       Friday.  rowboat   bathtub   bedtime   raincoat   backpack   himself  

        sunset   playpen   homemade   flagpole   inside


   6. Study and know how to read these words for Phonics test: head   dead

       health   read   sweat   bedspread   thread   spread  bread   sailboat   flashlight

       tugboat   campfire   rainbow   sandbox   seesaw   teacup   beehive


   7. Study India Facts for test Friday

   8. Study math facts for Math Whiz on Friday.

       0+0=0 1+1=2 2+2=4 3+3=6 4+4=8 5+5=10

       6+6=12 7+7=14 8+8=16 9+9=18 10+10=20

Important Dates:

   Mar. 22             1st grade Field Trip to Pirate’s Voyage

   Mar. 22             End of 3rd Nine weeks

   Mar. 24     Early Dismissal

   Mar. 27            Report Cards and Parent  3:00-5:00

   Apr. 10-14        Spring Break

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