Welcome to the WGE Library!

The WGE Library is excited for the 2017-2018 school year! This year we have lots of exciting reading programs planned for you :)  Our focus is independent reading for pleasure and information!  There are several reading challenges for you to choose books and READ!

  • The 40-Book Reading Challenge!

40-Book Challenge Sheet

  • SC Book Award Nominees Voting!

 3rd-5th will read at least half (10) of the 2017-2018 SC Children’s Book Award Nominees in order to vote for their favorite book.  The final votes will be sent to the SC Book Committee to be counted.  WGE library, public libraries and online versions will need to be utilized.  


 K5-2nd Teachers will the 2017-2018 SC Picture Book Nominees (20) aloud to their class.  Students will be given a “Voting Book” to do activities and vote (1 to 5 stars) on the books.  The final votes will be sent to the SC Book Committee to be counted. 

  • Read Your Way to the Big Game 

  • Pizza Hut Book-It!

  • USC Athletics (Soccer, Volleyball,Basketball, Baseball & Softball Reading Logs) - You can read for FREE tickets!

  • Fall Bookfair AND Spring/Summer Bookfair!

  • Summer Reading

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